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2019 Empan Papan ‘agree with the setting and speech event’ as reflected in the politeness strategies used in the parliament of Yogyakarta
Tahun Judul
2021 A critical discourse analysis on Jokowi and Prabowo’s tweets during 2019 presidential election
2021 The positive politeness strategies used on whatsapp conversation between student and teacher in English learning at al-luthfah Islamic school
2021 Leech’s Politeness Principle Used by Teachers in English Language Teaching
2021 An Analysis of Pragmatic Content in the Conversation Sections in Indonesian ELT Textbooks
2021 Politeness Strategies Used by Donald Trump in Opening Remarks at United Nation Assembly
2020 Pragmatics Implicature Analysis of Police Interrogation: Forensic Linguistics Analysis
2017 The realisation of Empan Papan in the Parliament of Yogyakarta
2016 The Realisation of Andhap Asor ‘Modest’ and Ngajeni ‘respect’ in the Meeting of Yogyakarta’s Provincial Parliament
2016 The Reflection of Tepa Selira ‘Considerate’ in the Provincial Parliament’s Meeting of Yogyakarta Special Territory

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